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Plastic-free Periods!

Organyc meets the healthy, hygiene and sanitation needs of the ever-evolving modern women with 100% organic cotton sanitary products. The plastic-based sanitary pads cause unimaginable damage to the environment and are hazardous to human health.

Put an end to the environmental mess while you experience the comfort and goodness of Organyc. From tampons and pads to intimate wash & wipes, we are 100% organic in every product. Safe for you and cleaner for the environment.
Think Periods, Think Organyc!

About Organyc

Organyc began with an endeavour to revolutionize the way women feel about their bodies. Bridging the gap between ‘conventional ’ and ‘premium’, we’re set in word and deed to create a long lasting impact on how a woman experiences menstruation. Along with which we also work to further the green changes that we hope would shape the future.
With a line that celebrates sustainability, our products don’t compromise on a women’s health or the environment. Made of the finest ingredients, they reflect the brand’s ethos 100% biodegradable, organic and oozing goodness.

cotton menstrual pads
pure cotton panty liners
Organic tampons and sanitary pads


Where are Organyc products made?

Organyc pads and panty liners are manufactured in Italy, while the tampons are manufactured in Slovenia.

Are Organyc products tested on animals?

No – Corman is against testing products on animals and does not test any of their products on animals (Organyc and all other Corman brands).

What is the length of your pads and panty liners?

Folded Panty Liners (Light) – 6 inches

Flat packed Panty Liners (Light +) – 6.5 inches

Moderate – 9.3 inches

Heavy – 10.5 inches

Super/Maternity – 8.75 inches

Is the packaging biodegradable?

Yes. The box is cardboard, while the individual bags and the outer bag are both made from mater-bi (cornstarch), which is environmentally friendly.

What is the pH of your Organyc intimate wash?

The pH of intimate wash is pH 5-5.5 (which helps to keep your vagina’s pH at its optimal, healthy level).

Where can I buy your products?

Organyc feminine care products are available in leading stores, while the whole line of products (including beauty & baby) can be found online. Check the online stores and call your local stores to see if they carry Organyc products (locations may vary). See a list of the stores you can purchase at here.