4 Tips for an Irritation-Free Period (your skin we mean)

menstrual cycle rash

4 Tips for an Irritation-Free Period (your skin we mean)

If you have ever experienced skin irritation during your period, even allergic reaction you aren’t alone.  Studies show that up to a 1/3 of women have chronic issues or chronic worry when it comes to allergic reactions, rash, and redness.

Over the years many women have decided they just have to “live with it”.

Here are some tips to avoid these extra irritations

Conventional pads and liners can be the source of irritation.

Rashes Free Periods

Tip 1:  Change to a natural pad or liner.  Cotton is a good choice.

Heat, dampness, harsh materials or exposure to perfumes or chemicals for too long can lead to rashes, redness, and itching. Man-made materials in ordinary pads and panty liners are some real offenders in this area. The good news is that all that extra absorbency built into these man-made materials can be had with disposable cotton pads now too.  No leaks, no irritation, no tradeoffs, menstrual cycle rash.

You may be asking too much of your pad or liner

Tip 2: Take the advice of medical professionals, change every four hours

While a usual practice may be to keep a pad or panty liner on for the entire day, it is recommended you change at least twice a day.  This helps ensure that Ph balance in your private area doesn’t alter and create a place for bacteria to breed.  It doesn’t matter what type of product you are using, this is sound advice.  While your pad can absorb a lot, try to ask to much of it.

Tight clothes look hot, but they’re actually hot during your period.

Tip 3:Where some breezy, easy attire

Although you might be tempted to dress in skinny jeans and leggings to look your absolute best, it may not be the right thing to do while you’re on your period.  Looser fitting clothes allow for proper airflow keeping you cooler and helping to reduce the risk of menstrual cycle rash.

Carry an umbrella (just kidding)

Tip 4: Actually, just keep yourself clean and dry

Whenever you change your pad or liner, do what you can to stay clean and dry. Even consider a bit of powder(check with your Doctor first) to cut down on friction or rubbing.

These common-sense tips are designed to help.  And, as with all advice, we always recommend checking with your Doctor if your irritation is severe or you are worried.  Still, we hope you’ve realized you aren’t alone and there are things you can do now, to have an irritation-free (skin anyway) period.

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