5 Important Questions answered about Hygiene during your Period

Hygiene during your Period

5 Important Questions answered about Hygiene during your Period

Importance of Maintaining Good Hygiene During Periods


1. Hoften should you take care of your intimate area during periods?

Bacteria can thrive when you’re menstruating, which is why health experts and doctors advise washing the intimate area at least twice a day. Remember to gently cleanse.

Period Hygiene Tips

 2. What do gynecologists recommend for hygiene during periods?

The vagina is a self- cleaning organ, so although it is not absolutely necessary to use a intimate hygiene wash or douche, if you do, it’s recommended to that use a product formulated not to disrupt your natural Ph balance and flora.

3.  If you use a pad for the night and sleep for about 8 hours, should you get up every 4 hours to change it?

Your body functions are different when you are awake as opposed to when you are asleep. The distinction being, when you are active your menstrual flow is usually heavier compared to when you are asleep. Flow intensity decreases at night.  It may not be necessary to change.  You know your body best and your flow.

During the day your period is more intense.  It is recommended to change your pad every 4 hours to maintain hygiene during periods.

4. What do the perfect intimate wet wipes contain?

Since wet wipes that contain alcohol or have an inappropriate pH level can disrupt intimate balance or cause skin mucous membrane irritation, choose natural or organic wipes. They are generally free of chemicals and other man-made ingredients.

5. What is the right pH level for intimate hygiene products?

The vagina’s pH is acidic due to beneficial lactobacilli which protect the body against infections and other pathogens. So it is suggested you wash yourself with warm water and products with a pH of 3.8.

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