5 Natural Remedies that Help Fight Menstrual Pain

natural remedies for periods

5 Natural Remedies that Help Fight Menstrual Pain

Why periods?

Why can’t Mother Nature just text me and be like, “Sup girl?!

You’re not pregnant! Have a great week! See you next month!”

Whether you find yourself juggling mood swings, doubled over in pain, clutching your head, and hugging or cursing the toilet, battling menstrual pain is no joke. Although the intensity varies from individual to individual, from adolescence to menopause, every woman at some point in her life will find herself struggling to ease the painful symptoms. The physical discomfort caused by this annoying occurence may be so debilitating as to seriously disrupt normal daily activities and work: for this reason we are always looking for new methods to combat painful cramps, especially using natural remedies!

Luckily, there are several natural remedies and lifestyle modifications that can help us to live those potentially painful days of the month with greater ease and less pain.


During your period, make sure you follow a healthy, low salt diet, rich in complex carbohydrates, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Avoid spicy foods, fries, dairy products, snacks and cold cuts that will contribute to an uncomfortable bloating sensation. Choose your foods carefully, and supplement your meals with some purifying, anti-inflammatory and regenerating herbal tea.

Food for Periods

Natural remedies

During the most difficult days of your period, anxiety, work and daily stress can exacerbate the feeling of soreness and general fatigue that you may experience throughout the day. It is extremely important that you pay attention to your body’s needs and dedicate at least twenty minutes to relaxation techniques, fundamental for your well-being. The following are some natural remedies to incorporate into your daily routine should you suffer from menstrual cramps:

Chamomile Tea for Periods

  • Chamomile: When consumed as an herbal tea 3 times a day, chamomile has a relaxing effect on contracted muscles. It helps to counteract water retention and is hypoglycemic. Chamomile can also be taken in the form of an essential oil to be added to a hot bath, before going to sleep.
  • Ginger: In addition to being an excellent spice in the kitchen, ginger root offers relief for women who suffer from severe abdominal cramps. When placed in an infusion, herbal tea or simply dissolved in a little boiling water, the grated ginger root relaxes abdominal muscles.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is excellent for relieving nausea and stomach pain. Drinking peppermint herbal tea twice a day also helps to accelerate the arrival of your period in the event of delays caused by stress or anxiety. It is also effective when used with essential oils in a compress to be massaged directly on the abdomen.
  • Hot water:  A true cure for countering menstrual pain, filling a hot water bag with boiling water and placing it on your abdomen will contribute to diminishing menstrual cramps.  If you do not have a hot water bottle, you can also use a cotton towel soaked in boiling water.
  • Melissa: Melissa officinalis is a herb known for its digestive and relaxing properties. Thanks to its calming properties, it manages to relieve the sense of nausea and nervousness typical of this time of the month.

Physical activity

One of the best cures for menstrual pain is exercise. Whether you take a long walk, join a pilates class or work out in the gym, physical activity helps to relax the muscular tissues, relieving cramps and pain in the abdomen, legs and back. There are also many types of massages, which help the relaxation of the abdominal muscles and contrast the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.

Exercises to reduce menstrual pain

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