How To Insert a Tampon correctly and Prevent Period Leaks?

How to Insert Tampon

How To Insert a Tampon correctly and Prevent Period Leaks?

The first step towards inserting at tampon is deciding which type you’d like to use – an applicator or non-applicator tampon. If you are going to try the tampons for the first time, we suggest the Organyc brand eco-applicator tampon. It’s made of nearly 95% plant-based materials, yet still inserts as smoothly as ordinary plastic ones! Organyc brand tampons respect your body and the planet.

Organyc - Tampons

Getting Ready

1. Clean-Dry Your Hands
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap to avoid unwanted germs as this part of your body is very sensitive to bacteria.

2. Get into Position
The key is to be comfortable for easy access to your vagina insert your tampon in. Our recommendations are:

– Sitting on the toilet with your knees spread wide.
– Standing
– With one leg raised to have your foot on a ledge – the toilet seat

The last option usually proves to be the most successful. You might find that there’s another position that works better for you over time, it’s up to you.

3. Relax your Muscles
If you are feeling self-conscious, you might clench your vaginal muscles which will make it harder to find and fit the tampon inside. Just take a couple of deep breaths and relax your body – the more at ease you feel, the easier inserting the tampon will be.

Inserting the Tampon- 5 easy steps

Take the tampon from the box and remove the wrapper:

1. Hold the tampon between your thumb and middle finger where the two halves of the applicator overlap
2. Make sure the string is facing away from your body when inserting and give it a gentle pull to check that it’s secure
3. Place your index finger on the string end of the applicator and position the other end of the applicator to the opening of your vagina
4. Slowly insert the top of the applicator into your vagina at a 45-degree angle, aiming towards the small of your back, and keep going until your thumb and middle finger reach your vagina.
5. At this point, use your index finger to push the end of the applicator, releasing the tampon into your vagina

VERY IMPORTANT: You should change your tampon every four to six hours. It’s important to change your tampon regularly and not to sleep wearing one because leaving a tampon in too long can put you at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

How to Prevent Period leaks with a Tampon

From contorting your body in the bathroom mirror or checking for stains to avoiding light-colored clothes every month, we have all been there! Worry about period leaks is a very real and common feeling. Here are some suggestions for having a stress-free & leakless period.

1. Put the tampon in properly
Put it in according to the instructions and make sure that you feel comfortable as if there’s nothing inside you. This will assure you that the tampon is doing its job correctly.

2. Change regularly
Never leave your tampon inside for too long, it can cause leaks. Make sure you keep track of how long you’ve had a tampon in for and change it regularly. Change it every 4-6 hours.

3. Choose the right absorbency
You should use tampons of different absorbencies throughout your period as your flow will change from start to end. You’ll also need to choose the tampon absorbency according to your period flow.

4. For extra insurance against leaks Wear a Panty Liner
If you’re worried about your period leaking through your clothes and ruining them, use panty liners on your heavier days. The Organyc brand makes a completely 100% Certified Organic cotton pantyliner. It’s thin and comfortable and you’ll hardly know it’s there.


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