Organyc Tampon Review – I switched to Organic tampons for 2 months, and here’s why I’ll never go back!

Organyc Tampon Review

Organyc Tampon Review – I switched to Organic tampons for 2 months, and here’s why I’ll never go back!

When did I wake up from my prolonged slumber of unhealthy patterns, toxic routine and a lifestyle that felt like it was killing me?

It almost took me two weeks of me missing my deadlines consecutively, shedding hair like a dog and breaking out in allergies that had me worried silly. (obviously, the nail on the head were ‘Bridget Jones movies’) The endpoint, all what I wanted was to change the habits that were wreaking havoc on my body and in my life.

So I made sure my food majorly had organic ingredients, started using paraben-free products and letting go of those glorious synthetic wearables that regularly gave me rashes. I was pretty happy with my progress, my skin started to glow, I came down two sizes and my clothes seemed to agree with my body more now.

But what happened next truly stressed me out.

Talk about happy women being a myth.

I started experiencing painful rashes down there, which then broke into severe allergies. What bugged me the most?
I hadn’t done anything different to expect such a reaction, using the same sanitary napkins or tampons with the same body wash was an unshakable habit.

I could guarantee that if someone blindfolded me and left me in the superstore, I could find my way to the brand I used. I can’t lie the usual chafing and redness hadn’t bothered me, but that was what I believed was just part and parcel of my period.

It was around that time that I visited a dermatologist, she recommended that I switch to products that were gentler on my skin, preferably free from parabens and perfumes. I thought to myself- “well, why not?”

I mean I was working so hard to eat those organic veggies so why not extend the same ideals to my periods? Also, I was horrified to find that the mainstream ones were full of synthetics, dioxins, pesticides, rayons and weird perfumes- any of which is not fine going down in the ground or the body.

After Two months of using the Organyc brand, I don’t think I am ever going back


Here’s why:


  • Kind to my skin
    Well, if it’s anything… Organyc products are made of all-natural ingredients 100% Certified Organic cotton inside and out, so they’re safe. Vaginal skin is some of the most sensitive skin on your body, and no one wants synthetic chafing and scraping down there.
  • Dump the ‘plastic’, not the ‘problem’
    It shocks me that one woman uses 11,000 sanitary napkins or tampons (whatever you prefer) in a lifetime. Beat that! Which means my whole life of crusading against taking plastic carry bags in shopping malls was just a sugar-coated lie that I lived for God knows how many years. Not anymore, I am choosing the Organyc brand for my health and the planet’s well-being.
  • Chemicals that get under your skin
    According to World Health Organisation, dioxins have been linked to cancer and hormonal disruption, among other reproductive and developmental problems. And ordinary sanitary products are laced with it, not Organyc brand products. The big little things that might be a cause for those staggering cancer statistics might just be found on our shelves. Let’s chuck them and replace them with healthy options.

So without a big dent on your wallets, and some good ol’ riddance from stress, infections and murdering the planet, I suggest replacing the mainstream with Organyc Tampons.

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